About Judith McRae

Judith McRae is a fun-loving, versatile, and multitalented worker who has coordinated Youth Ministry, children's Preparation for the Sacraments, and children's and teens' Catechism classes. Prior to that, she was a multimedia developer in Director and Flash, a web site developer in Flash and HTML, and computer graphic artist, with experience in education, the non-profit sector, the fine arts and in the printing industry. She brings with her a diverse and intimate understanding of the media production process and an understanding of classroom and group dynamics.

Since early 1995, Ms. McRae has been actively involved with the development of training and mass media projects including computer multimedia, electronic communications in schools, videos, web sites, and computerised classroom materials. In addition to well-practised organisational skills, Judith is also a proficient writer and designer who has considerable performance under pressure. She has worked with a wide variety of business, non-profit, and educational organizations.

Judith is currently working at St. Peter's parish, using her skills, experience, and talent to coordinate classes, arrange for Rites and Sacraments, and provide experiences for people who are new to the Catholic faith and for parents who want to have their children baptized, as well as for those seeking to learn more about their Catholic faith through group and independent study.


Judith is also an accomplished artist. Her current catalogue of paintings and other artworks is available for viewing on-line.