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Artist Statement

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The Collected Works

Taviel in Flight

Indian Fisherman

Stairway to Heaven

Fathers, do not provoke your children

The Epic of Legendary Taviel

Taviel is the main character in a story that lives in my mind, and which one day I plan to write.

Summer Themes, 2017

It's summer. It's hot. There are chickens in the garden, if you live out in the country, and if you live near water, you are probably out boating.

When you run out of lighthouses, you are in the middle of the ocean.

This show was in two parts - some at Avenue Church and some at Dalhousie Mennonite Community Church.

Thanks to the Emmaus Group for making it all possible.


Back in Junior High I remember Mrs. Pilkington teaching us how to draw buildings in perspective. At the time, I thought it was neat how all these geometric shapes and mathematical formulae translated themselves into habitable spaces, and I created some passable drawings - I think I got a B+ in the class. In the Foundation Year at Alberta College of Art, we had similar exercises given to us as part of our drawing classes and in our design classes, but the impression given was that these exercises were for those of us who were continuing on into Architecture, so I did the exercises without thinking of putting them to any further use.

I was recently reminded of these things when I was asked by Father Edmund Vargas to make a painting of St. James Church.

Now and again, I've attempted the occasional church, house, or interesting building, but this project inspired me to go all the way back to Mrs. Pilkington's class and remember to square off the page, measure, and use my geometry set. You can get all kinds of interesting effects when you play around with the math, and also when you just measure incorrectly.


A series of five paintings based on the story of C. S. Lewis' marriage to Joy, who died of cancer, leaving him with her sons. In the movie and in the play, only one son is depicted; in real life, there were two.

Air Support

No Creature So Wild

The Church Garden

Jesus, Remember Me

War Stories

This collection of drawings was completed in Castlegar during August of 2015, in memory of my step-father, Ronald Edward Matthews, who passed away the same day that I departed for my art trip. Rather than cancel the trip, I chose to dedicate the trip to his memory.

Based on the idea that trees can be used to signify the human form, I was able to create scenes that evoked the emotions of the battlefield, while in their literal sense, the pictures remain peaceful.

These are catalogued as landscapes in the physical collection.

A Brush with Abstraction

This series came together with an assignment from The Emmaus Group to create a show of abstract pieces for the House Coffee Sanctuary in the late fall of 2013. In abstract art, we use symbols, colours, and shapes to signify realities that are beyond the realm of the visible world. Abstract art is at once easier (since there is no model to draw from, and thus, nothing that you can fail to copy correctly) and more difficult, since the rules of art making become untethered from the physical world; they are now laws unto themselves. Five of these pieces were included in the show. The remainder of the pieces were individual abstract works that were created for specific purposes, but which at the time were unconnected to anything else I was working on.


The Autumn Leaf Collection

This collection was created in the fall of 2010 for a Studio Show which took place on December 11th, 2010. Most of the works feature trees and flowers from the neighborhood of Sunalta in Calgary.

Jesus, Remember Me

My Catholic Christian spirituality is a very important part of my everyday life, and it often comes out in my art. Over the years, this collection of pictures has evolved from out of my wrestling, my exploring, and my wonder at this awesome Creator who gives us life and the means to celebrate our joy. My thanks also to The Emmaus Group of Artists for providing opportunities to show a great many of these pieces.

The Nativity

David and Goliath

And What Was In Those Ships All Three?

The Fall of Icarus


Christmas cards and whimsical artworks characterize the Christmas collection.

Christian and Old Testament Saints

This collection has been evolving over a long number of years. I am often inspired by the stories of both the Old Testament and New Testament Saints.


Sometimes it's the language of Surrealism that provides me with the vocabulary to tell the story that's in my heart, that's pounding to get out.

These were created for various shows with the Emmaus Group.

Other Stories

Sometimes, doodling and other kinds of experimentation result in interesting images that don't really fit into any other category, and don't become collections of their own - yet.

Harvest Moon

The Stone Bridge

The Story of Two Wolves

Prosperity Returns

Alberta Landscapes

These are outdoor scenes that I've done close to home, either on short day trips out of the city, or even within city limits. Some are also studio pieces created from the works of various local photographers; these are indicated with credits to the photographers.

The Kootenay Landscapes

Since the late 1980s, I have often spent time in the Kootenay region making art while on holidays. When my father was living, I used to stay with him at his home in Procter. Later, after his death, I have continued my tradition of visiting the area to make drawings and paintings, as well as bringing sketches and photos home to work on during the winter months.

Our Western Heritage

My thanks to the Calgary Stampede for providing the inspiration for these works, as well as the opportunity to show them. Most of these were created for the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase, and were on display in the BMO Centre during the Stampede Exhibition.

The Book of Jobes was a show that took place at the Fire Exit Theatre (Epcor Centre) February 26 to March 3rd 2013

These artworks were used to illustrate a play about a woman who was experiencing the trials of Job. As it happens, the character's name was Jobes.

This series of works follows the story of Job from the moment he discovers the death of his childen to the time when God restores his fortunes manyfold.

I hang out with my best friend

Instant Soup

iTea and Oysters

Solomon's Lilies

Lightbulb Moments

These were created for the "UP close" show which took place at the Coffee House Sanctuary from March 7th to 27th, 2014. There are also others that were begun for this series, which I haven't yet had time to finish. My hope is to complete the rest of the series and post it here for your enjoyment. In this series, the lightbulb represents the protagonist in a coming-of-age story in which the protagonist discovers his vocation, together with the meaning of his life.

Instant Soup and Other Stories

These five pieces were expressions derived from sketches in old sketchbooks, those that I filled up at Tuesday Drawing Group based on assignments set by others. My purpose in making these paintings was to tap into the collective memory of the Drawing Group and make it my own through the recreation of these assignments in my own personal painting style. These were completed in August of 2004.

The Mannequin Collection

I received a female mannequin as a Christmas gift from my father in 1992. He got it at Cowan Office Supplies in the town of Nelson, which, despite its name, is actually one of the better stocked artists' supply stores in that part of the world. The teddy bear chair was purchased some years later at a craft shop in Crawford Bay that no longer exists; there's a health food restaurant in the spot that it once occupied.

These paintings are small studies, done in the style of my ever-evolving personal version of Expressionism. They were posed on the still-life stand at the studio, and they are autobiographical expressions. They signify the moods I happened to be in at the time I was painting them. All except "Tea and Oysters" were painted in one sitting.

Solomon's Lilies and Other Stories

Broke and just having graduated from the Alberta College of Art (it was May of 1984), and working in my first independent studio at the Neilson Block with the Burns Visual Arts Society, these works in oil on cardboard were my Manifesto of Judithism. There are five remaining in this series of still life "icons", which I painted on squares of gessoed cardboard.

The others were sold, or else got lost in one of the many fires we endured in the Neilson Block over the years that we were there.