Bow Falls

“Bow Falls”
August, 2016
Acrylic on Canvas Board
16x12 inches

Exhibition History

"No Through Road," First Lutheran Church, January 24th until May 31st 2017 (solo)

About This Piece

It was spitting rain, and I was surrounded by tourists. There was no way I was getting out of that parking lot, so I stayed and did some drawings, in the lightly falling rain. Damp paper is harder to draw on than you might imagine, but I got it to work.

Some of the tourists showed me their own drawings. One person was really excited to show me the photos on his professional camera.A boy, age about 10, came over and told me what he liked best about art classes in school. One person gasped in awe when I took my eraser to pull out the foam on the water, and suddenly, the black and grey mess on the page turned into a waterfall.

I used that drawing to create this painting, in the studio.

From drawings and photos taken on site by the Artist, at Bow Falls in Banff during the summer of 2016.