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Artist Statement

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Whenever I go walking in the Rocky Mountains and in other outdoor areas, both in and out of the city, I always take my sketch book and art materials: some of the landscapes that have resulted are included here.

Many of these are studio paintings, taken from a combination of photos and sketches that were executed on the scene. I am currently using a charcoal transfer technique together with Stevenson's acrylic paints to execute my studio paintings. I also have a number of plein aire pieces, executed using either drawing materials such as graphite, charcoal, and oil pastels, or directly on canvas with paint.

From Studio #105-1811:

King Salmon

King Salmon
completed in April, 2017, in Victoria, British Columbia
plein aire drawing, oil pastel and charcoal on paper
14x11 inches

Air Support

War Stories

This collection of drawings was completed in Castlegar during August of 2015, in memory of my step-father, Ronald Edward Matthews, who passed away the same day that I departed for my art trip. Rather than cancel the trip, I chose to dedicate the trip to his memory.

Based on the idea that trees can be used to signify the human form, I was able to create scenes that evoked the emotions of the battlefield, while in their literal sense, the pictures remain peaceful.

Wild Daisies

The Autumn Leaf Collection

This collection was created in the fall of 2010 for a Studio Show which took place on December 11th, 2010. Most of the works feature trees and flowers from the neighborhood of Sunalta in Calgary.

The Stone Bridge The Kootenay Landscapes

Since the late 1980s, I have often spent time in the Kootenay region making art while on holidays. When my father was living, I used to stay with him at his home in Procter. Later, after his death, I have continued my tradition of visiting the area to make drawings and paintings, as well as bringing sketches and photos home to work on during the winter months.

Three Trees at Bow Lake The Alberta Landscapes

These are outdoor scenes that I've done close to home, either on short day trips out of the city, or even within city limits. Some are also studio pieces created from the works of various local photographers; these are indicated with credits to the photographers.