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Artist Statement

Judith can be contacted by e-mail at

Nativity in the City

These paintings were available for sale at the showing of Nativity in the City, a production of the Fire Exit Theatre at the Arts Commons from November 25th to November 29th, 2015

Contact Judith at to inquire. (Sizes are in inches. Values are in Canadian dollars.)


Lake Louise in Winter - 2015

“Lake Louise in Winter” - Winter, 2015
(After a photo by Terry Boyle)
Judith McRae, BFA
Acrylic Paint on Canvas
12x9 inches  

Value: $200.00                   

Shelob and John Wayne

"John Wayne Kills Shelob in
the Christmas Centre Piece." 2004

Media: Acrylic on canvas.

Size: 20x16 inches

Value: $400.00

Just Buy Something

"Just Buy Something" - 2004

Media: Acrylic on canvas board

Size: 8x6 inches

Value: $30.00

Text says

  • Merry Christmas
  • Merry Xmas
  • Happy Hannukah
  • Seasons Greetings
  • Nevermind - Just buy something - we don't care why!!

Wooden shoes with candy

"A Dutch Child's Christmas" - 2004

Media: Acrylic on canvas board.

Size: 7x5 inches.

Value: $20.00