Kokanee Creek

“Kokanee Creek”
August, 2014
Acrylic on Canvas

Exhibition History
  • Just Plein Art” - September 5th to October 3rd, 2014, The House Coffee Sanctuary
  • “Art Show and Sale” - Macleod Market, October 17th, 2015
About This Piece

I did this painting at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park, in three afternoon sittings. It was my first successful plein aire painting, done entirely on site without the use of sketches or photos.

You get to this spot by missing the turn to the park, turning in the next road (which is unmarked, and goes to the camp sites) because you think there's got to be a connecting road along the way somewhere, and then realizing that you've come to the end of where the camp sites are, and you can't get any further. You then walk in until you come to the creek. There's a bench and a cook stove.

Kokanee Creek Provincial Park is located between the Balfour ferry landing and the Harrop ferry landing on Highway 3. They run kids' programs where the kids are guided through the woods and learn how to distinguish different kinds of trees, plants, and animal tracks. Two groups of kids came by where I was, and watched me paint for a while.

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