Lost Creek in Autumn

"Lost Creek in Autumn”
June, 2016
Acrylic on Canvas
20x16 inches

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About This Piece

This painting took about three months to complete in the studio. I began with a charcoal underdrawing, and then wrestled with trying to get the trees to look right. In th end, it was the patch of yellow leaves in the top left corner that finally got the green to sit back where i wanted it to go, instead of looking like it wanted to float up off the page. At this point, I had only completed the far end of the creek, and my friend Sharon Sargent advised me to leave the front part unfinished, in case I might wreck the piece after so much hard work. However, I decided to go ahead and finish it, and the result is as you see.

I did drawings and took photos at Lost Creek on October 31st, 2015, and then I used these as my reference materials to create the painting in the Studio.

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