The MacLeod Home

“The MacLeod Home”
August, 2007
Acrylic on Canvas
20x16 inches

Exhibition History
  • “Recent Paintings” - Village Hall, Procter BC, August, 2007
  • “For Susan” -St. Peter’s Church, September 2015- December, 2016.
About This Piece

Legend had it that Norman MacLeod was, at one point, the Captain of the Moyie, a famous paddle-wheeler that ferried passengers and cargo up and down the Kootenay river and lakes system; however, I can find no evidence that this is true.

His name does not appear on any staff lists of BC boat operators. There is a Norman McLeod who was an engineer on the Hislop for half a year in the 1940s, but this cannot be any relation.

Two of their children, Donnie and Christine, never married and remained in the house. Donnie died on May 4th of 2015. As far as I know, Christine still lives in the house.

This picture was painted from the front porch of my Dad’s place, and finished in his studio with sketches and photos taken after the painting was begun.

I made 50 copies of a postcard of this painting, which was published on August 20th, 2007, and was available for sale at the Procter General Store until late 2008 when stocks sold out.

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