Sacred Heart Church in Procter

“Sacred Heart Church in Procter”
August, 2007
Acrylic on Canvas
16x20 inches

Exhibition History
  • "Recent Paintings” - Village Hall, Procter BC, August, 2007.
  • “For Susan” - St. Peter’s Church, September 2015- December, 2016
  • "No Thru Road", First Lutheran Church, January 24-May 31st, 2017.
About This Piece

Sacred Heart Church in Procter is a mission church connected to the Diocese of Nelson. It holds about 50 people. It has an antique organ, and wooden kneeling benches.

If you want to attend Mass there, it’s best to check ahead of time with the Diocese, as the schedule is very intermittent.

Most of the Catholics in Procter attend Mass in Nelson, and when the roads are bad, they can’t get a priest in, anyway. The building is very pretty, though, and attracts Catholic tourists, including me.

It was awkward to get a good angle for drawing, and there really wasn't any place to sit, so I did this piece almost entirely from photos, in the studio.

I made 50 copies of a postcard of this painting, which was published on August 20th, 2007, and was available for sale at the Procter General Store until late 2008 when stocks sold out.

This piece is SOLD. This piece has recently been purchased by James and Helena Houghton.

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