The Reid Home

"The Reid Home”
July, 2007
Acrylic on canvas
20x16 inches

Exhibition History

  • “Recent Paintings” - Village Hall, Procter BC, August, 2007.
About This Piece

This is the house that my father built, beginning in 1984, at 7910, Woodside Avenue, Procter, British Columbia. He purchased the original structure (a one-room cabin which remains inside the current building) for $7,000.00, and, after installing indoor plumbing and a bathroom, gradually added bedrooms, improved the bathroom, expanded the kitchen, added an upstairs bed and bath, and outdoor studio.

I made 50 copies of a postcard of this painting, which was published on August 20th, 2007, and was available for sale at the Procter General Store until late 2008 when stocks sold out.

I did the drawings and sketches for this piece from across the street, near the MacLeod residence. I finished the painting in the studio that you see behind the house.

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