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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Judith can be contacted by e-mail at

If you are interested in buying or commissioning a piece, please contact Judith for information about pricing and other important details.

"Summer Themes" between two venues: Avenue Church and Dalhousie Mennonite Community Church

If you are interested in collecting any of these pieces, please contact Judith for information about pricing.

Contact Judith at to inquire. (Sizes are in inches. )

Dalhousie Mennonite Community Church - June 16th, 2017 - September 25th, 2017

The Boat Houses Lighthouse #7

The Boat Houses

completed in May of 2017
drawing, pencil crayon on paper,
12x9 inches

Light House #7

completed in April, 2017
drawing, oil pastel on paper,
11x14 inches

Also appeared in "An Escape into the Trees" November 16-19 at Studio #105

Christmas Gift, 2017

Avenue Church - June 23rd, 2017 -

Chickens in the Garden
Alone with God

The Chickens in the Garden

completed in January, 2013
painting, acrylic on canvas, after a photo by Flora Malig
10x8 inches

Alone with God (The Indian Fisherman)

completed in February, 2011
painting, acrylic on pressed paper,
11 x 8.5 inches